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Market Research, Messaging, Brand Identity, Website

A new company offering innovative
control solutions for automated
agricultural feeding systems.


Innovative was tasked with helping Elite Distributing completely develop their branding for a fresh to market product. This is to be a game changing device for the industrial and agricultural controller sectors, which will put the control back into the farmer’s hands. They approached us without a name or company slogan and the product still in the development stage. The company’s background is rooted in industrial-type controllers, specializing in rugged, dependable, useable controllers. With a relentless pursuit for innovation, the bar is always being set higher in product development. This new product needed a name, logo and messaging that reflects the idea of control and being a central hub for the automated systems on the farm. 


The Innovative team conducted extensive market research to create a brand name that truly encompassed what the product is all about. Our final design concept centered on a slightly abstract hexagon shaped hive cell that expresses both vibrancy and strength. The controller would be at the center of the action, making it the hive. To simulate the visual idea of movement and integration, a modern orange and yellow colour scheme was used and this was based on the thought of bees buzzing around a hive. This hexagon shape is prevalent as the strongest geometric shape known and was chosen as the logo element to be accompanied with the brand name HIVE. The company slogan was created to be simple and straight to the point, TAKE CONTROL. It speaks directly to the target market and doubles as a true call to action. A responsive web design was used to support the modern design of the product and ensure the brand messaging would be properly represented across multiple devices.


Logo Design

"Innovative was instrumental in helping to
get our Hive brand off the ground.
They’re extremely helpful, talented and
most importantly, met deadlines."   

Tim MacDonald