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Majesty Real Estate

Branding, Collateral


We have a passion for partnering with start up companies, and assisting them in developing their own voice and visual identity. One such client was Majesty Real Estate, a real estate investing and managing company that also offers housing assistance and legal advice to those who benefit from their services. They were concerned that they would be understood as ordinary people helping people, and their intent was to solve their clients problems and housing challenges, not create more. Our task was to create a tagline, logo, and various stationary that reflected who they were.


The tagline that was created was Your Place. Your Community. This communicated community-building, emphasized home ownership, and suggested the warmth of home and belonging. The logo design was built off the relationship of multiple letter “M’s” working together and overlapping, again to suggest community and partnership. Cohesively, the combined shapes created the shape of an abstract star, giving it a warm and friendly appeal. While the colours tie in well with the real estate industry, the goal was to create a fresh, memorable logo that would stand out and be distinctive among a marketplace commonly saturated with predictable and redundant branding. We were excited to help Majesty build their “voice” as they begin to grow and get recognized by the community around them.