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The Upper Room

Branding, Collateral


When The Upper Room came to us, their business was still a dream—a vision of a small town, family-friendly restaurant. Starting from scratch, they needed a brand identity and promotional material that reflected both the friendly personality and the quality food they offered. A logo, menus, and signage were some of the initial steps toward a cohesive presentation and message. 


The Upper Room’s plan became apparent as we discussed together—they intended to offer a truly unique experience to their customers and community. More then just offering a menu, they planned to involve local farmers by using local produce, meat, and baking, which in turn gave back to the community around them. While offering family-style dining, some of their menu choices would also introduce unique flavour combinations and dishes that hailed from the owners’ original community in New Hampshire. After finalizing their slogan “Good food for Great People,” we worked on a simple logo that would compliment their hospitable atmosphere and friendly service. Outdoor signage, menus, and promotional banners were also created using a consistent, and friendly appeal throughout.