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Woodland Horizons

Branding, Collateral


Established in 2005, Woodland Horizons, Ltd., has developed a growing reputation as a team of wood craftsmen with a unique sense of excellence and art throughout their entire process. Their interest in rebranding was an expression of that growth, as well as a way to ensure their company image reflected who they have become and position them for reaching new markets and customers.


Per our strategic discussion with them, Woodland’s new brand needed to be current, while respectful of the traditional and classic elements of their trade. Woodland also requested that their new brand incorporates a visual icon representing their industry sector and craft. Working through a number of concepts and discussions, the new logo addressed all these considerations, and truly gives Woodland a new face to move forward. Woodland continues to deploy new branding assets using the new logo, along with wood grain themes and the slogan WOOD IS OUR CANVAS.