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New Hamburg Relief Sale

Branding, Print Collateral, Website,
Apparel, Signage, Info Displays, Social Media

Bringing Help and Hope to
those in Need Around the World


For more than 50 years, The New Hamburg Relief Sale has brought help and hope to those in need around the world through their premiere event—a community relief sale that combines volunteers, businesses and visitors who care about poverty, peace and global needs. This remarkable event includes over 40 venues supported by 2,000 volunteers. As this event and organization approached its golden anniversary, the Sale Committee decided to choose this time to move forward with fresh branding, as well as 50th anniversary sale celebrations across various media, including signage, website, apparel, social media, etc.


At Innovative, we were pleased to be asked to assist the mission of the Relief Sale with their objectives. The primary goal of the redesign was to create a fresh, authentic and more current identity, while honoring the rich history the last 50 years represent. The logo combines craft and quilt themes with a country, yet artsy, flavor. The intertwined pattern surrounding the star shape represents the unified effort of Mennonite denominations coming together for one caring cause.

Going forward, we wish the Relief Sale many more successful decades, and hope the vision and care it represents will continue to offer help and hope to those who need it most.


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