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Rescue The Mayor



We love to assist local charity organizations, so when The Wellington County Learning Centre approached us regarding an exciting new fundraiser, we were delighted to collaborate and offer our services. As a small organization that worked with local families and individuals in need, the Learning Centre planned an event where the local community could come together and raise funds to support them. Using a medieval theme, they arranged for the county mayor to be ‘kidnapped’ and held for ransom. His captors promised his safe return to the community when they received a $10,000 ransom from both individuals and local businesses. To appeal for involvement, the Centre needed a brochure that could be handed out to potential participants for awareness and to communicate how they could get involved.


After being presented with the theme and intent for the campaign, we accepted the challenge of capturing this multi-faceted campaign and condensing it into one package. It was critical that the brochure would cater to both individuals in a casual way and to businesses in a slightly more professional way. The Centre wanted the piece to include information that educated the area about needs in their very own community, as well as what the campaign was about, and a clear plan for how participants could help. Using the “Rescue the Mayor” theme, we decided to treat the brochure with a visual combination of playfulness and professionalism. Since there was quite a bit of information to present it was decided that it would be helpful to spread the content out over numerous pages, supporting the information with graphics and photos. The end result was a warm, friendly brochure that explained the event in a thorough yet simple way.