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Branding, Stationery, Print Collateral

“Creating strong companies through optimized business processes, customized solutions and highly effective relationships.”


SalesEvolve is a Business Development company based in Waterloo, specializing in sales outsourcing, sales as a service, consulting and social media management. Their value proposition is encapsulated in their slogan: “Customer touch points done well”.
Although they had been operating for some time, they came to us in need of a logo and a comprehensive branding strategy. As is common, they had been so focused on meeting their clients’ needs they had not had the opportunity to meet their own.
They wanted an identity that would help shape prospective client’s perceptions of their services. SalesEvolve is not a typical consulting firm – their niche is creating customized solutions that bring value to their clients and create sustainable revenue. The goal is to naturally help sales teams evolve, harnessing their own strengths, instead of a one-size fits all solution. 


We were excited to have the opportunity to create a visual representation of SalesEvolve’s vision. Our creative process revolved around evoking a modern sense of development and progress, with a mark that would be identifiable and memorable.
The logo we developed combines a seedling and leaf into one seamless icon. This design presents a sense of SalesEvolve’s ability to help their clients transition into more developed and effective companies, by engaging with them at every stage of their evolution and growth.
The use of the colour green symbolizes the fresh ideas and solutions SalesEvolve can bring to a relationship, injecting new life and productivity into their clients’ businesses. The resulting visual impression clearly conveys their unique value proposition.
As part of the branding process, we also designed print collateral, including stationery and a brochure. The brochure featured a unique design and layout that integrated seamlessly into the overall branding, with an accessible outline of SalesEvolve’s services and identity.

The Logo

“It was Innovative's patience and tenacity of excellence that combined our vision and goal to create a beautiful brand and logo.”
Michelle Pyke, Co-Owner